by Jay Bliss

glass--Dalle de Verre--slab glass, one inch tall! 

Hammer and chisel and Nature shape it, with a little help from this artisan ; / )  

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Dalle de Verre: a full slab is about 12" x 8" by 1 inch.  Score it with a glass cutter, smack the score with a chisel, and refine more with the chisel.

14" x 21", can be hung in front of a window, or fit these between the studs on an outside wall for a colored window.  The abstract on the right is sold.

Redwood trunk about 26", dalle and epoxy, iron base 42" high.  Remote diode lights, 110v. 

Brass base, 24" high.  Remote 110v diode lighting.  

I see this as an entryway table.  It too has LED lighting with a remote.  

Slightly lower foto of same brass base

 Close-up of 2nd brass leg

A second brass leg table.  Same price, $725.  LED with remote.  $1450 for the pair.